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The wildlife has always impressed me a lot. What particularly amazes me about animals is that each animal species is unique and the combination of their strengths and weaknesses keeps the cycle of life going.

In my mid-twenties Photography got interesting for me. My fascination of traveling helped my passion of photography getting even stronger. However, I not only wanted to hold on to Pictures I took, I wanted to create pictures that had feelings and gives you a connection to my subject. This drove me to develop my photography skills and move on with learning. The nice part about photography is that you will never finish with learning. Having the freedom to represent the world as I see it appeals to me especially. The beauty of the world and nature is so close, we just have to notice how wonderful the world is at our feet. Through photography I learned to see my surroundings with different eyes. I pay more attention to details, life moments more intensely or see the beauty of the landscape more clearly. Sometimes it can be difficult to process the experience we have, since it can be very unreal.

What could be better than letting this feeling rise again every time you look at the picture?

A heart thing...

Over the years, I met amazing people. Sharing the same passions connected us to support each other. 

It is an honour for me to be an Ambassador for RAW-Photographic. Having the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge for photography and wildlife is a dream coming true. It also helps me to gain my skills even more and develop myself as a photographer.

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Being a partner of a great project like this, makes me very happy and proud. Doing something good for our world is what I always support and with the High Five Wildlife Society, I know that my donations are where I want them. 

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