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Photography is becoming increasingly popular through social media such as Facebook or Instagram, but did you ever think about what impact this has for wildlife conservation?  


We sometimes take photos so that we can later see what was happening whilst we were busy taking those photos. That’s how important photography become in our lives. This is due to social media, where we post everything what happens in our lives. 

The fact that you're on this page, shows me that you are interested in wildlife. Well every picture you post or show to your family and friends gives them a picture of an animal, doesn’t matter if in a good or bad way.


This book combines two purposes working together. First of all, it should help you improve your photography skills and inspire you to take wildlife pictures. Secondly it should show you how your photography helps wildlife conservation and how you can make an impact. Key for both purposes is the knowledge in the subject in front of your camera. How could somebody take a picture of you, showing how you really are, if the photographer doesn’t know you? This is the same in wildlife photography. How do we want to take a wonderful picture of an animal if we don’t have this connection?


This book helps you to get this extra knowledge you need to improve your wildlife photography skills. Further it gives you a lot of information about animals standing in the shadow of the iconic African animals or only can be seen in night safaris.

I promise you that there are a lot if very interesting and ingenious animals out there.


CHF 150.-

Thank you for your order


Language: easy readable english

Pages: 72

Animals: 27

Size: 28x28cm

Standard: matt finish in best photobook quality


With every sold book CHF 30.- will be donated to the highfive wildlife project of Fleur Visser to support the research conservation of the critically endangered west & central African Lion. 

I met Fleur in my two-month internship at African Impact. By the time she was research supervisor. Holding a master degree in endangered species recovery and conservation from the UK, she spent a few years developing her research and conservation skills mostly in South Africa and Malawi. In early 2020, she decided it was time for her to take a step further and started a PhD in Wildlife Management with the University of Pretoria, South Africa. With Fleurs fantastic commitment and passion for wildlife, I know that every cent of donation is worth it.

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